Laurie Anne Walden, DVM, ELS

I help my clients produce clear, concise, accurate communications about medicine and health.

Medical editing is a balance between respecting the author’s words and making sure the material is clear to the readers. My editing goals are to help my clients create professional documents and ensure that their writing truly conveys their meaning, without inserting my own voice.

I write materials targeted to either medical professionals or the general public. My writing goal is to produce effective, engaging material that conveys facts without unnecessary fluff.

My background

Before branching out into medical editing and writing, I spent years as a practicing veterinarian. I still see patients a few days a month. If you’re wondering how veterinary experience relates to human medical communications, think of how similar humans and other mammals are. I’ve treated patients with diabetes, cancer, congestive heart failure, osteoarthritis, immune-mediated diseases, epilepsy, and many other disorders that are the same in humans and companion animals. If I don’t have experience in your clinical area, I can learn about it quickly.

I am a board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences and have a certificate in medical writing from the American Medical Writers Association. I earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine from North Carolina State University and completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Auburn University.

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