I really appreciate your excellent copyediting work! You are a very strong copyeditor and you ask really good author queries. Unfortunately for you that means I usually send you the hardest articles! Hope you don’t mind. I certainly rely on your expertise.
— Rebecka Wulf, managing editor of Critical Care Nurse

I want to commend you for the masterful job you did editing the … manuscript. I finally finished going over it line by line and reading against the unedited manuscript. Your edits clarified and tightened up the writing while following AMA style, you caught a discrepancy between data in a table and the abstract/text, and you never altered the author’s meaning and often elegantly clarified it. Queries were appropriate and clearly phrased. Nothing was rephrased gratuitously–it’s a balancing act of clarifying while keeping the author’s meaning and tone, and you did a beautiful job.
— Managing editor of American Journal of Critical Care

Thank you very much for your kind editing and support. You are a great editor. Hope that your support will be continued in future.
— Dr. Md. Ahaduzzaman, Bangladesh

Thank you so immensely for the detailed editing and the guidance. I am most grateful.
— Dr. Ukachukwu Abaraogu, Nigeria

Thank you very much to work on my article. Everything is done very carefully, efficiently and accurately. Exactly what I needed. Once again thank you very much for your help.
— Roman Yarema, Ukraine

Thanks a lot for your kindness and great editing and comments.
— Seyed, Iran

I began to work through your patient and thoughtful work and I am impressed.
…I like your version of the paragraph. It is more concise. As usual you caught the “internal logic” of my convoluted thinking.
— Dr. OL, Israel

As the Senior Research Scientist at OrthoCarolina Research Institute, I had the opportunity to work with Laurie Anne over the course of a couple of months.
In the time I worked with Laurie Anne, her work exhibited both quality and integrity. She understood complex projects quickly and took the initiative to research areas of less certainty.  She was kind, helpful and always willing to help.  It was a pleasure to work with her.
— Susan Odum, PhD